What’s The Best Non-Toxic Organic Mascara?

There are a number of reasons why anyone might want to start using non-toxic Organic Mascara. You may be pregnant and unwilling to put your health and that of your baby at risk. You may have struggled all your life with skin irritation and rashes caused by conventional mascaras and have finally decided to make a clean break from them. Or, you may be a good steward of the environment and seek to live a life that does not implicate you in the production of carbon or toxic pollutants. No matter your reason for it, actually finding organic mascara that you can use is not without difficulty.

The choices tend to be limited and information scarce. So, your first step in obtaining organic mascara is educating yourself. Building up awareness of what’s out there will help you become familiar with the products that do exist.

It may be hard to cut loose of your favorite mascara. Finding one that is of the quality and volume you want, and that comes in colors that are right for your complexion is difficult. Trying to replicate that in mascara that is non-toxic commits you to spending more time and effort resolving the issue. However, if you spend any time at all researching the contents of mainstream mascara products, you will come to see that going organic is worth it.

The mascara that you’re now using may contain ingredients that are linked to allergies, developmental toxicity, cellular degradation, and endocrine disruption. The possible effects of other ingredients include skin irritation and even the development of cancerous cells.

Though you may like the look that such mascaras allows you to assume, the danger to your health is not worth it. Going with natural alternatives gives you the means to avoid such hazards. The following list is not exhaustive, but it will give you an idea of what is available in the realm of organic mascara.

1. ZuZu Luxe Mascara

Many women have found the lack of volume to be its primary disadvantage, and have used it as a primer only. It does go on smoothly and lasts for quite a long time.

2. Honeybee Gardens Truly Natual Organic Gluten-Free Vegan Mascara

This mascara is one of the cleanest, as far as ingredients, that you are likely to find. It is another one that is best used as a primer. Its relatively low cost makes it a favorite.

3. Gabriel Cosmetics Mascara

This is a great option if you want to add color to what you already have.

4. Poofy Organics Mascara

There have been some complaints about this product. The volume is too thin, yet the price is on the higher side.

This is a rather small sample of all the organic mascara products that are out there. If you find one that interests you, it is a good idea to find any reviews that might have been done on it. These can give you some insight into what to expect, which will ultimately save you time and money.

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