Nigeria returned 52-year old tests negative for Ebola

Hyderabad, Dec 2 (PTI): A 52-year old who had returned from Nigeria last month was suspected of Ebola infection.  His samples were sent for testing at New Delhi-based National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) to check for possible infection as a measure of caution

The man was suffering from fever and took treatment at a corporate hospital here, but was referred to the state-run Gandhi Hospital

‘His samples have been tested negative. So, there’s no need for concern as there is no Ebola,’ Dr Subhakar, nodal officer for infectious diseases like Ebola, said here quoting an official report from NCDC. The patient would now be treated for fever, he said.

Subhakar further mentioned that the man shouldn’t have been considered as a suspect of Ebola since the WHO has already declared Nigeria an Ebola free country.  However, the man had travelled in a common flight that had passengers who boarded from other affected West African countries. The patient was put under isolation.

High fever is a key symptom of the disease: High fever,  with temperature about 38.6°C or 101.5°F, is a key symptom of Ebola, and is currently used as a marker for screening travellers from Ebola-hit nations.

There has been no confirmed case in India: So far suspected Ebola cases have been reported in Mumbai, West Bengal and Manipur. But none of them were confirmed to carry the infection.