The Most Efficient Clenbuterol Cycles for You

Obesity is one of the grimacing problems of the society today. It is itself health-alarming; several diseases are also associated with it. The entire process of the disease starts with fat deposition in the body which if not taken care of in proper time, might lead to hazardous conditions. Therefore, it is very important to shed that extra layer of fat from the body every time it surfaces. On the broader aspect, there are 2 ways of getting rid of extra fat- exercises and taking weight loss pills. Proper exercises provide an effective solution, but the process is slower. Therefore, if you wish to lose the excess fat in minimal time, it is better to resort to fat burning pills for maximum effects.

There are several weight loss pills available in the market today. All of these drugs have proved to be effective in triggering fat metabolism by several mechanisms. One such drug is Clenbuterol. Like other drugs, Clenbuterol functions in triggering the conversion of fat to energy thus providing more space for the underlying muscles to grow and expand. However, Clenbuterol is not only about all benefits. There are associated side effects of the drug as well which sometimes tend to be risky for health. Therefore, appropriate dosage and the cycle has to be standardized for every individual before proper administration of the drug starts. Once both the aspects are determined, you will be able to experience only the positive effects of the drugs both during and after the cycle.

Need for a Clenbuterol Cutting cycle

If you look into the molecular mechanism of action of Clenbuterol, you will find that the drug acts by binding to a type of beta-2 receptors. These receptors are an integral part of the nervous system of the body. However, administration of Clenbuterol does not ensure enhanced and continuous firing of these receptors. The body has its own pre-designed feedback loops which keep a check on the firing of these receptors and prevents its over-activation. With due course of time, a kind of tolerance develops against the effect of Clenbuterol on these receptors. Therefore, it becomes necessary to increase gradually the dosage to ensure proper functioning of this set of receptors.

Efficient Clenbuterol cycle

There are several pre-planned Clenbuterol cycles that are available in the Clenbuterol world. However, there are 2 cycles that are mostly recommended. One of the cycles is the 2 week on followed by 2 weeks off cycle. The other cycle follows a process of steady increment use of the drug.

2 week on/ 2 weeks off cycle

In the 2 weeks on/ 2 weeks off cycle, you are advised to increase the dosage of the drug very quickly until the end of 2 weeks. Following it, you have to stop taking the drug for another period of 2 weeks. When you resume the administration of the drug, you will start off at the dosage which you left in the on cycle.

Steady increment cycle

In this process, you steadily increase the dosage of the drug by about 20 micrograms after every 2-3 weeks. Make sure that you do not reach the peak dose till the end of the regimen. Moreover, keep in mind that the half-life of the drug is about 2 days inside the body. Therefore, make sure to start from a very low dosage so that it does not build up in your body.

These are the two most efficient Clenbuterol cycles designed for the public. If you follow any of the two cycles, you will be able to feel the results both during and after the cycle. Consult your physician to determine the best Clenbuterol cycle for you.